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  • The first electronic game designed to be played with while you're high.

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    The High BallTM has 2 modes...

    ...as you can see below...


    High Mode

    A competitive party game, requiring reflexes, focus, and speed.It keeps score and tells you when a new high score is reached!






    Really High Mode

    There’s no score - no winning - no losing.

    It’s just really cool music and light patterns.

    (Especially if you’re super high)

  • The Result of Collaboration

    This first of its kind design is the result of collaboration of father-daughter design duo Jim and Lila Becker.


    Over the past 30 years, Jim has created many beloved kid’s toys with his design firm Becker&Mayer! and SmartLab toys.

    His daughter, Lila, is also a toy creator for Dutch design firm Fugafour.

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