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  • A fun game AND interactive light show!

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  • How High Ball Works

    There are two modes - Game and Chill

  • Game Mode

    A competitive party game with eight levels, requiring reflexes & speed.

    The High Ball keeps score and tells you when a new high score is reached!

  • Chill Mode

    There’s no score - no winning - no losing.

    It’s just really cool music and light patterns.


    Pattern 1


    Pattern 2


    Pattern 3


    Pattern 4

  • What's in the box

    Micro USB charging cable

    Rechargeable battery lasts over two hours

    Four original soundtracks and light patterns

    Custom display stand included with High Ball

  • About us

    The Birth of the High Ball

    This first of its kind design is the result of collaboration of father-daughter design duo Jim and Lila Becker. Over the past 30 years, Jim has created many beloved kid’s toys with his design firm Becker&Mayer! and SmartLab toys. His daughter, Lila, is also a toy creator for Dutch design firm Fugafour.

    High Concepts LLC

    High Concepts LLC is a New York based game & toy maker, dedicated to creating electronic products that you can interact and immerse yourself in. The High Ball is High Concepts’ first game on the market with more gadgets to elevate your high coming soon!

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  • Customer Support

    Questions about your High Ball?

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    How to Play High Mode

    How to Chill On Really High Mode

    Switching Modes

    How To Turn Off

    How To Dim The Lights

    Charging your High Ball

  • Instruction Manual

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