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  • The first light-up fidget toy

    Featuring two modes


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    Fidget Mode

    Each side starts as a different color, your job is to turn each side to the top until all the sides become the same color. eFiDGET will then flash and vibrate, the colors scramble and you repeat, fidgeting to your heart’s content.


    Endorsed by mental health professionals and autism specialists, eFidget is a great way to stim and stay calm. eFidget helps you stay relaxed and engaged. Thoroughly tested during development to help meet the needs of ADHD and autism.

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    Chill Mode

    eFiDGET will create flowing colors perfect for chilling. You can put it down and watch it or pick it up and see the colors change as you turn it. A full battery charge will last at least two hours.


    Displays of pleasing and calming patterns of light. It makes for a perfect desk companion. If you’d like eFiDGET to stay on for a long time (like a night light), you can plug in the charger cord and chill forever!

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